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Seneca Youth Wrestling


Seneca Youth Wrestling Mission Statement

The objective of the Seneca Youth Wrestling Program is to create an environment for young wrestlers that will aid in the teaching of skills, sportsmanship and encourage continued participation in the sport.  Seneca Youth Wrestling is a member of the Grapevine League.  This league consists of approximately 40 other teams in the area that are bound by this philosophy.

The program welcomes all children up to eighth grade.  Practice is split into multiple sessions, according to age and skill level, so that each wrestler will have the proper instruction.  Wrestling is a very intense sport that builds work ethic, character and both physical and mental strength. All wrestlers are expected to attend as many practices as possible, be on time and give 100% at all times. 

There are 6 Matches throughout the season.  Wrestlers will only meet opponents of like age, weight and experience  level.  This ensures a positive experience for both veteran and novice wrestlers.

General Information

Wrestling practice will begin December 1st in the Seneca Wrestling Room (back entrance to the high school). Practice for 8 years and younger is generally 2x a week and 10+ practice 3x a week. There are 6 matches scheduled beginning on the weekend of January 3rd. They will be on Saturday or Sunday. Each participant will receive a practice shirt and be required to purchase wrestling Shoes and headgear (available at any sporting goods store or online.) A uniform singlet will also be provided for the matches. The singlet is the property of Seneca Youth Wrestling and a small refundable deposit is required to ensure its return.

You will be requested to volunteer an hour of your time during the season at a mutually convenient time. Please indicate on the registration, how you would like to help (i.e concession stand, scorekeeping, or gym set up). All registered wrestlers will receive an e-mail with the schedule by mid-November.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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